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Our Neon Duo was curated for plant enthusiasts who love a pop of color to their plant collection featuring the 4-inch Philodendron Birkin and 4-inch Neon Pothos. Includes a matte-finished Terra Cotta ceramic planter with a drainage hole and saucer. Especially great for someone looking for small accent plants for their spaces. 


Philodendron Birkin plants do best in bright indirect sunlight. You want to give your plant the feeling it’s under a tropical canopy. You have to mimic its natural habitat.


     Prefers soil to be moist but not soggy - water every 7 to 10 days contingent upon hydration levels. Water when the top 50% of soil feels dry to touch.  


    Can be toxic to animals if ingested.


    They have dark, green, glossy leaves with variegation. The leaves have creamish, white pinstripes which appear as the leaves mature. These unique leaves can grow as long as 20 centimeters, and are in the shape of ovals with pointed tips.


     Benefits of Philodendrons include improving the quality of the air you breathe, inducing feelings of calm, trapping dust and helping you feel alert. 

     Philodendrons symbolize health and abundance. It also serves as a green muse for artists.



    Find a space that avoids direct sun, this plant does well in filtered light. they even grow well under fluorescent lights. avoid hot, direct afternoon sun and keep the plant away from drafts.

     Water your neon pothos just enough to maintain the soil moist, but not soggy or saturated.

    Toxic to pets if ingested.

      The Epipremnum Aureum is a species of flowering plants in the Arum family Araceae, native to Mo'orea in the society islands of French Polynesia. This plant has heart-shaped leaves in a brilliant, electrifying neon green color.

        Purifies your air from formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Toxins that can lead to poor health and low productivity. Resistant to insects.


        Pothos plants represent perseverance and are perfect for people who are relentless in following their dreams. Their vines grow long and fast with determination.

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