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Low to Moderate maintenance. Requires bright, filtered light. Rotate regularly to share light to all its sides because new leaves tend to move toward darkness.

Water thoroughly when topsoil is dry, usually once a week. Avoid overwatering, and note that your watering schedule may be less frequent during winter months.

Mildly toxic to pets if ingested.

    Its leaves are heart-shaped and shiny and sometimes exceed 40 centimeters in their width. Their colors are white and pale yellow when they are young and change to the darker green when they are mature. This evergreen plant has long and strong roots that attach to every branch and trunk close to it. Big holes in the leaves let air pass through them without being torn.

      Air purifying and removes volatile organic compounds in your home. Useful in humidifying air conditions.

        Monstera is a symbol of long life and the honoring of elders and respected people.

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