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Low maintenance. Locate it in indirect sunlight. Can be placed almost anywhere in-home or office. Do not place in a dark setting. 

 The Sweetheart Hoya is relatively drought-tolerant and can get by with as little as one or two waterings per month. Water deeply when the soil is slightly dry to the touch, then let the pot drain thoroughly. Although the soil should never become bone dry, wet, soggy soil can result in root rot.

Pet Friendly 

    Sweetheart hoya plant, also known as Valentine plant or sweetheart wax plant, is a type of Hoya appropriately named for its thick, succulent, heart-shaped leaves. Like other Hoya varieties, the sweetheart hoya plant is a stunning, low-maintenance indoor plant.

    Air purifying and removes volatile organic compounds in your home. Also absorbs CO2 at night increasing the quality of air while you sleep.

    The hoya heart plant signifies your love and affection for yourself and/or the person you love.

    (Clay pots not included)
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