• Marble Pothos (Hanging Basket)

Marble Pothos (Hanging Basket)

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Sun: Low/Moderate maintenance. Locate it in bright indirect light. A forgiving houseplant that grows even in low lighting and drought-like condition in cool temperatures.
Water: Water once a week. You should wait to water the plant until the potting medium is dry a few inches down. Mildly toxic to pets if ingested.
Aesthetic: Known for their heart-shaped leaves and fast-growing vines. Perfect in entryways, on bookshelves, and bookcases.
Health Benefits: Purifies your air from formaldehyde and carbon monoxide and other toxins that can lead to poor health and low productivity. Resistant to insects.
Spiritual Interpretation: Perseverance and longing. Abundance energy. Known as the money plant in many cultures. For someone who continually follows their dreams.


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